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Russian District Award Contest

Alexander Anipkin (rz4ag) on April 10, 2003
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The "TAG" (Tambov Award Group) and RCC (Russian Contest Club) is pleased to announce the 1st International "Russian District Award Contest"

Russian District Award is USA-CA-like award for contacts with different Russian districts. See Russian District Award web-site for details


1. Organizers
The "TAG" (Tambov Award Group) and RCC (Russian Contest Club)

2. Contest Period
1000 - 22 UTC 16 August 2003

3. Bands:
1,8 - 28 MHz (WARC bands are excluded)

4. Modes:
CW and SSB

5. Categories:
A-MIX - (Single operator - All bands - MIX)
A-CW - (Single operator - All bands - CW)
A-SSB - (Single operator - All bands - SSB)
B - ( Multi operator - All Bands - Single transmitter - MIX)
C1 - (Single operator - All bands - MIX - Field) - only Russian
C2 - (Multi operator - All Bands - Single transmitter - MIX - Field) -
D - (SWL - All bands - MIX)

6. Band changes:
6.1. Single Operator participants may change bands without restrictions. Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time.
6.2. MOMB stations are limited by the "10 minute" rule. Start time will be determined on the first QSO made on that particular band. Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time.
6.3. Violation of the 10 minutes rule by the MOMB stations or two station signals will be deemed cause for disqualification.

7. Dupes:
7.1. Dupes are contacts made with the same station on the same band and mode.
7.2. CW QSO on SSB subband is prohibited
7.3. Dupe contacts are not penalized; one does not have to mark them in the log submission. Moreover, entrants are strictly recommended to leave DUPES in the log file.

8. Exchange:
8.1. Non-russian stations: signal report + QSO number, starting with 001.
8.2. Russian stations: signal report + district code by RDA list (for example TB02).
8.3. SWL stations must copy both callsigns and one or both exchange numbers. Dupes valid on the different bands and modes.

9. QSO Points.
9.1. Russian stations:
QSO with your own country (Russia on your continent) - 1 point;
QSO with Russia on another continent - 2 points;
QSO with a different country on your continent - 3 points;
QSO with another continent - 5 poins.
9.2. Non-Russian stations:
QSO with Russian station - 10 points (any continent).
9.3. Kaliningrad (UA2) is a separate DXCC entity, but points for QSO with Kaliningrad are counted as for European Russia.
9.4. The same rules apply to SWL scoring. Points are added for each station from which the control number was received, in either a unilateral or bilateral SWL.

10. Multipliers:
10.1. Russian stations: different DXCC countries and different RDA districts. Each multiplier counts only once
10.2. Non-Russian stations: different RDA districts. Multipliers counts only once.
10.3. For SWL multipliers are scored on common rules.

11. Final Score:
The final score is the result of the total QSO points multiplied by the sum of multipliers.

12. Penalties:
12.1. Penalties are counted as tripled good QSO points:
wrong callsign reception;
not confirmed contact (no QSO in the log).
12.2. QSOS not count and no penalties if:
no log of this station;
your call or number is wrong received;
band or mode mismatch between the two logs (such QSO's count for single-mode participants if no other errors are present).

13. Log processing
Log processing for "RDA CONTEST" is fully computerized, all paper logs received from participants are keyed in manually. It is strongly recommended that the logs are sent in the electronic form. If you used a computer for contest operation or log preparation, please send us your log as file only.

14. Log Instructions:
14.1. Each QSO record in log must have:
Time (UTC);
Sent exchange (Russian stations can specify RDA code once in the SECTION string);
received exchange (for Check Log also).
14.2. band or mode mismatch between the two logs (such QSO's count for single-mode participants if no other errors are present).
14.3. Electronic submission of logs is encouraged for all participants and is required for all top scoring entrants and all who use a computer to log or prepare the logs.
14.4. Please submit your log in the Cabrillo file format created by all major logging programs. Be sure to put the STATION CALLSIGN in the "Subject:" line of each message. Your software may automatically encode your log as an attachment. Your e-mail log will be acknowledged by the contest-manager.
14.5. Please send your IBM, MS-DOS compatible computer disk. A disk containing your Cabrillo file may be submitted in lieu of a paper log. Label your disk clearly with YOUR CALL, files included, and your category. Name your disk file correctly (for example, RK3RWA.log).
14.6. Each paper log entry must be accompanied by a summary sheet showing all scoring information, category of competition, and contestant's name and address in BLOCK LETTERS, RDA district (For Russian stations). Electronic submission implies a signed declaration that all contest rules and regulations for amateur radio in the country of operation have been observed.

15. Log Submission Addresses and Terms:
15.1 Logs must be submitted to the organizers within 30 days.
15.2 Electronic logs must be submitted via E-mail to: Be sure to put the station call sign and the category in the "Subject:" line. The server will automatically acknowledge your e-mail log within 48 hours.
15.3 Paper logs must be sent to: Popov Sergey, P.O.Box 29, Tambov, 392000, Russia

16. Awards:
16.1. Top-place certificates will be awarded in each category listed under Section 5 separately for Russian and foreign entrants.
16.2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place certificates will be awarded in each category listed under Section 5. Special plaques from sponsors to the participants who have won 1st place in different categories were founded.

Any person or club can be oficial contest sponsor and set own prize for any category.

17. Russian Districts Award (RDA):
17.1. All contacts with Russian districts, confirmed by logs will valid for RDA award without QSLs
17.2. All participant who send log by e-mail will receive list of confirmed districts to e-mail with the contest results.
17.3. To receive confirmed districts and contest results via snail mail you need encose to paper log SASE (1 IRC).

18. Sponsors
Russian Contest Club

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