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AO-40 QSO Party 24 & 25 January 2003 - Updated 12/31!

Reinhard Sual (YB0KTQ) on December 14, 2002
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  1. Objective:

To encourage more and more Amateur Radio Station to have two way communication via AO-40, especially during the good condition of the satellite.

  1. Rule Of Operation:
    • All Rules from Local / International Organization is take precedence of this rule.
    • Any station can participate, as long as, it has its own facility (both uplink and downlink). No relay / repeater use in any kind is permitted.
    • One station is only valid for one entry.
    • Station can be a single operator with his/her own call, or a group of operator with a club station call, providing only use ONE set of radio is used (multi op with single radio).
    • Use only electronic Log-Sheet (A Software called Logger is available as freeware and downloadable for free at:
    • Avoid LEILA, keep the power as low as possible, below threshold (if you hear slightly de-sensing when transmit, reduce the transmit power).
    • To lock-up the TX and RX frequency, it is suggested to fix the TX and find it by sweeping your RX and call with your call-sign like this “YB0KTQ on AO-40”. Never use a continuous tone. And never sweep your TX. (A software for calculating the TX-RX frequency is available on:
    • If you can not hear your return signal, do not call.
  2. Suggested Frequency:

Downlink: S-band, USB

Uplink: U-band LSB OR  L-band LSB (only one band per station is allowed during the event)

Mode: SSB Only

Keep +/- 10 kHz from MB always clear.

  1. Venue:

Event will be commenced in January 24 and January 25 2003, which is Orbit#1026 and #1027. Starting and ending MA is in accordance with the availability of pass-band.

  1. Award
    • Special Certificate will be issued, for those who have minimum 20 QSO with different station, and sending their electronic logsheet via eMail, also sending SASE and US$ 5 via post office.
    • Special award will be given to the station with the biggest number of DXCC Countries and number of  QSO (DXCC countries is take precedence), provided that they send their electronic logsheet via eMail.
  2. eMail address:

ˇ        For receiving the above mentioned award, electronic worksheet in the following format: ASCII text, ADIF, Microsoft Excel, should be sent to:


The closing date for electronic log-sheet submission is 31 January 2003.

  1. Post Office Address:

ˇ        To get Special Certificate as per point 5 above, SASE and US$ 5 should be sent to:

Reinhard Sual – YB0KTQ

Pulo Gebang Permai G1/9

Jakarta Timur 13950


  1. Website:

All information on this AO-40 QSO Party is available on Internet with this URL address:

  1. Acknowledgement:

This event is coordinated by YB0KTQ, and by no means related to any organization, locally or internationally. However, I have discussed most of this matter with friends especially with AO-40 enthusiast from more than 15 countries, which support this event to happen.

Member Comments: Add A Comment
AO-40 QSO Party 24 & 25 January 2003 Reply
by K0BLT on December 19, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
Greetings to all AO-40 operators. Please include me in the January 24/25 informal "contest". I'm an avid DXer on both HF and satellite. I will go to any extreme to work a new one! I hope all possible DX stations will also participate in this venture.

Happy Holidays to all and 73.

Frank, K0BLT
AO-40 QSO Party 24 & 25 January 2003 Reply
by YB0KTQ on December 31, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
I want to let you know that, there is a slight error on Orbit# on that article. It should read Orbit# 1026 & #1027 (instead of #1016 & 1017). Sorry for this...
- Reinhard Sual - YB0KTQ
AO-40 QSO Party 24-25-26-27 January 2003 - Updated Reply
by YB0KTQ on January 13, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
As requested by many Ham friends, the QSO party will be extended 2 days in order to get more windows for both Europe and American.
So the event will be from 24 Jan 2003 to 27 Jan 2003.

Have fun and enjoy......

73, Reinhard Sual - YB0KTQ
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