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Rules Change for TARA RTTY SPRINT

William Eddy (NY2U) on December 1, 2002
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** RULE CHANGES AS OF 12/01/2002 **

TARA no longer requires you to submit your complete logs for review. Simply use our "OnLine Score Submission." Also, DX-Clusters & Spotting Networks may now be used by all participants. Please read the complete Rules & Regulations on our website at

A) Single Operater, multiband - One person performs all operating and logging functions. As of 12/01/2002 the use of spotting nets (operating arrangments involving assistance through DX-alerting nets, etc.) is now permitted. Single operator stations are allowed only one transmitted signal at any given time.

B) **EFFECTIVE AS OF 12/01/2002** TARA no longer requires you to submit your contest logs for review. We have designed and implemented FAST & EASY web pages on the TARA web site to make electronic submissions a breeze! ALL submissions should be made at

ALL participants should keep a hard copy of their complete CONTEST FILES until the scores have been finalized. If we need additional information about your score submission you will be contacted directly via the e-mail address you have submitted on the new submission form. If it does become necessary for you to submit hard copy of your CONTEST FILES we recommend you follow the directions below. For those participants without an internet connect. You may submit your printed logs to the address supplied above just as long as you meet the deadline rquirement.

We hope you'll understand our position on this new system and the changes we've made. We ARE NOT trying to take our contesting any less serious. In fact we are trying to speed the process up if anything. In these days where computer viruses are too numerous and the amount of volunteers that are needed to complete this job are thinning, we believe this is our best possible solution. TARA believes that this system is much faster, and it reports to the contesters directly. In the event of any discrepancies we just don't have a few eyes reviewing the submissions we have hundreds of volunteers in each of you.

Thank You! NY2U - Bill Eddy

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