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OI2HQ All-Stars prepare for IARU2002

Jukka Pekka Klemola (OH6LI) on July 4, 2002
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OI2HQ prepares for IARU 2002 July 13th - 14th, 12-12 UTC

OI2HQ will be ready to answer callsigns around the world in the International Amateur Radio Union HF Contest 2002.

We have formed a wide international team. Contesting people have a prime-time opportunity to work W2GD, S56A, K1EA, UX1UA, G4JVG, K1CC, G4VXE and many others using OI2HQ callsign during the IARU HF Contest.

K1CC called our team as an All-Stars Multi-Multi and that is really what we offer on 160 - 10m, CW & SSB.

Frequencies, QTH and antennas of OI2HQ:

160 CW & SSB: 1837 QTH OH3ES: Three full size GP system 80 SSB 3775 QTH OH5LF: 2 el yagi 80 CW 3512 - 3514 QTH OH1F: GP + dipole 40 SSB 7070 - 7075 QTH OH1F: stacked full size yagis 40 CW 7004 / 7034: QTH OH3WW: 3 el full size yagi + dipole 20 SSB 14255 QTH OH4A: 4o4o4 + 4o4o4 + 2 el 20 CW 14034 QTH OH6MMC: 5o5o5 + 5o5 15 SSB: 21315 / 21255 QTH OH8VJ: 5o5 + 4 15 CW: 21034 QTH OH6AC: stacked yagis + 4 el 10 SSB: 28485 / 28530 QTH OH6MMC: 6o6 + 6 el 10CW: 28034 QTH OH1F: stacked yagis

You can see a few of our sites at internet addresses:

All QSOs will be confirmed via buro. Direct QSL requests to Jukka Klemola, Aarontie 5, FIN-31400 SOMERO, FINLAND

Stations that worked at least 5 QSOs with OI2HQ, will receive a special recognition for the performance in the contest.

We are running condition predictions for different parts of the world. Our forecast to find the prime-time to QSO OI2HQ are available by Monday, 8th July on these same mailing lists this announcement is published.

OI2HQ is in cooperation with WRTC2002 organising committee.

See you in the IARU HF contest !

73, Jukka, OH6LI

Member Comments: Add A Comment
OI2HQ All-Stars prepare for IARU2002 Reply
by ON5UM on July 8, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
Hay All ,

Nice posting and interesting to learn about the availability of an AWARD for working the HQ station.
But.....then I suppose that they will not enter the contest but send the logs in as a checklog .(ETHICS)
Do I remember the comments on some similar posting on this same reflector about making pre contest publicity.
( Was a german group working with banners...guess who commented then )
This is unfair to the other competitors as they will maybe stick to a more conservative way of "playing" according to the unspoken rule...

Think next weekend will be the one with all the contradictions bundled in a small 24 hr happening .

Who makes the definition of an ALL STAR team ???
I guess the BIG GUNS ....

Now I will take my umbrella and wait for the shower to pass me by ..

Enjoy it anyway,

Good and fair contesting to You all ,

73 - Jim
OI2HQ All-Stars prepare for IARU2002 Reply
by VK8AV on July 16, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
It is no use sending me a QSL via the buro because the VK8 buro is dead! You may send me QSLs via my other call - VK4IV - and the VK4 buro! TKS.

Thanks for the many QSOs during IARU2000 - 4 bands!!


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