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The Mr. Samuel Morse party

Alberto U. SILVA (LU1DZ) on March 13, 2002
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2002 GACW CW DX Contest

The Mr. Samuel Morse party


20th/21st. April 2002 -   (19th/20th April 2003 - 17th/18th April 2004, etc)

12.00 UTC saturday till 12.00 UTC sunday – 24 hours period.

II - Objective:

For amateurs around the world to contact other amateurs in as many CQ zones and radio countries as possible in A1A mode (CW).

III - Bands

All bands, 3,5 through 28, no WARC bands.

IV - Categories:

Single Operator Categories

Single band or all band; only one signal allowed at any time; the operator can change bands at any time.

Single Operator High 

Those stations at which one person performs all of the operating, logging, and spotting functions. The use of DX alerting assistance of any kind places the station Multi Operator category.

Single Operator Low  

The output power shall not exceed 100 watts. 

Single Operator QRP  

The power output must not exceed 5 watts. 

Multi-Operator Categories

All band operation only.

Single Transmitter

Only one transmitter and one band permitted during any 10 minute period defined as starting with the first logged QSO on a band. Exception: One-and only one-other band may be used during any 10 minute period if-and only if the station worked is a new multiplier. Logs found in violation of the ten-minute rule will be automatically reclassified as multi-multi.


No limit to transmitters but only one signal and running station allowed per band.

V - Number exchange:

RST report plus CQ zone.

VI - Multiplier:

Two types of multiplier will be used.

1. A multiplier of one (1) for each different zone contacted on each band.

2. A multipier of one (1) for each different country contacted on each band. Stations are permitted to contact their own country and zone for multiplier credit. The CQ WAZ definitions, DXCC and the GACW country list, WAE country list, and WAC boundaries are standards. Maritime mobile stations will count only for a zone multiplier.

VII - Points:

1. Contacts between stations on different continents are worth three (3) points.

2. Contacts between stations on the same continent but different countries, one (1) point.

3. Contacts between stations in the same country are permitted for zone or country multiplier credit but have zero (0) point value.

4. The DX station will added (2) extra points for each QSO with stations in South America.

VIII - Scoring:

All stations: The final score is the result of the total QSO points multiplied by the sum of your zone and country multiplier. Example: 100 QSO points x 100 multiplier (20 Zones + 80 Countries) = 10,000 (final score).

IX-  Awards:

Diploma Urano D. Silva, LU1DAY to the first one on each category.

Diploma Proyecto TITAN, to the first one in the multi-single and multi-multi categories

X -  Club competition:

1. The club can be a local or national group/club. (except IARU member Societies).

2. There is no country or geographic area limit.

3. Mention your Club/Group partitipation in your summary sheet.

XI - Log instructions:

1. All date/times must be in UTC.

2. All sent and received exchanges are to be logged.

3. Indicate zone and country multiplier only the FIRST TIME it is worked on each band.

4. Logs must be checked for duplicated contacts, correct QSO points and multipliers. Submitted logs must have duplicate contacts clearly shown.

5. Internet: Please send us Log and Summary sheet via Internet: The format we want is your .TXT file. Please name the appropriate file as: your call.extension.

6. List all QSOs cronologically - Do not use a separate sheet for each band.

7. Each entry must be accompanied by a summary sheet showing all scoring information, category of competition, contestant's name and address and a signed declaration that all contest rules and regulations for amateur radio in the country of operation have been observed.

8. All entrants are required to submit cross-check sheets (an alphabetical list of calls worked) for each band (Except those who send electronic logs).

9. QRP and low power stations must indicate same on their summary sheets and state the actual maximum power output used, with a signed declaration.

NOTE: We will acept any kind of paper log form.

XII - Disqualification:

Violation of amateur radio regulations in the country of the contestant, or the rules of the contest; unsportsmanlike conduct; taking credit for excessive duplicate contacts; unverifiable QSOs; or unverifiable multipliers will be deemed sufficient cause for disqualification.

The use of non-amateur means such as telephones, emails, telegrams, etc., to ilicit contacts or multipliers during a contest is unsportsmanlike and the entry is subject to disqualification.

Actions and decisions of the GACW Contest Committee are official and final.

XIII - Deadline:

1. All entries must be postmarked NO LATER than May 30th.

XIV - GACW Address:


P.O. Box 9

B1875ZAA Wilde

Buenos Aires


email to Alberto U. SILVA LU1DZ -

Web Institutional Page



Member Comments: Add A Comment
The Mr. Samuel Morse party Reply
by LU1DZ on March 14, 2002 Mail this to a friend!

To DX participants:
Alexander Anipkin RZ4AG, aalog@dxsoft.cominform us that he will put our Contest option in the new version
of the Contest Module for the AALog software.
Web site:
The Mr. Samuel Morse party Reply
by LU1DZ on March 14, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
Hello Alberto!
Thanks for your E-Mail! I think we had several nice CW
QSO's already. I'm thinking of participating in the GACW-Contest.
I'm just wondering if this contest is supported by an electronic
logging program - normally I use YPLog. Good Luck and 73.
Gerhard E-Mail: kmet@aon.ator oe3zk@aon.atWeb:
The Mr. Samuel Morse party Reply
by LU1DZ on March 14, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
Dear Raul,
Thank you very much for your letter. We will discuss
about the contest in our club meeting tomorrow. Also I discussed
about the new contest with President of Lithuanian Radio Sport
Federation (National Sports Organization,, CQ
Contest Hall of Fame No. 37 Algis Kregzde LY2NK. We will share the information among contesters in Lithuania.
I hope Lithuanians will be active in this CW contest.
My best wishes to you in organizing the GACW CW DX
Contest!. Sincerely yours,
Gediminas LY1EE - President of Kaunas University of
Technology Radio Club LY7A -http://
The Mr. Samuel Morse party Reply
by LU1DZ on March 14, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
Hello Alberto,
I reveiwed the rules for the GACW on the web page and will add his to the YPlog contest support in the next release (one or two weeks from now).
Hope to work you in the contest..

Tony Field (ve6yp) -
The Mr. Samuel Morse party Reply
by LU1DZ on March 14, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
Hello Alberto and thanks for
your E-Mail on the GACW Morse
MEGS operators will look out for your stations during our
own SFB Morse Party on Sunday 28th April when we will use
GB4SAM as well as our own GM0RSE calls as usual.
With all best wishes. 73 de George (MEGS SEC.)
The Mr. Samuel Morse party Reply
by LU1DZ on March 19, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
YES of course...!!!

Obvious because in our country the SWL licence is issued for the local radio club, then SWL logs are welcome too.

Saludos amigos
Alberto LU1DZ
The Mr. Samuel Morse party Reply
by LU1DZ on April 12, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
GACW DX Contest Software:
This is to inform you that the AATest module 1.0 version (RZ4AG) was tested for SA and DX station operation using the CWType (UA9SOV)for transmitter keying and memory.
You can operate our test using the AAATest+CWType. Both are friendly and very easy to use. The AATest module is ready for many DX contest also.
We will be very happy if you can use it/or report any problem to them.
Both are free from:
Best luck in the contest...!!!
Software para el GACW DX Contest
Deseamos informarles que el modulo para concursos AATest 1.0 de RZ4AG, ya ha sido ensayado para la operacion de estaciones de SA y DX, utilizando para la manipulacion del equipo y memorias el software CWType de UA9SOV. Ambos productos se presentan de facil y amistosa utilizacion. El AATest esta preparado tambien para otros concursos. Estaremos muy complacidos si Uds. pueden utilizarlos/o informar de algun inconveniente a su autores.
Los programas pueden ser bajados gratuitamente de
Que tenga mucha suerte en el concurso...!!!
Muchos saludos y buenos DX
Best regards and good DX
Alberto U. SILVA LU1DZ
GACW Coordinator

The Mr. Samuel Morse party Reply
by LU1DZ on April 12, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
Hello dear friends...

From 20th of April to the end of this years the LU/LW/AZ station will be using new prefixes.
This is under the auspice of the program "The Radio Amateur a safe way for our childrens" supported by Radio Club USHUAIA LU8XW under a GACW booklet.

LU can use AY
LW can use L5
AZ can use L6

We will support this program using this prefixes in our GACW DX Contest and celebrating our 25th Anniversary all year long.

Muchos saludos y buenos DX
Best regards and good DX
Alberto U. SILVA LU1DZ (AY1DZ)
GACW Coordinator
The Mr. Samuel Morse party Reply
by LU1DZ on May 12, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
Resultados 2002 - GACW CW DX Contest - 2002 Results
La Fiesta de Don Samuel Morse - The Samuel Morse party
List of Received LOGS - Date: 13/MAY/2002
Deadline: 30/MAY/2002
DX Stations

SA Stations
AY1AEE - AY1DZ (check log) - AY1GOE - AY2AS - AY4MHQ - AY5FZ/QRP - AY5OM - AY6EF (check log) - AY7EE - AY5FF - CE1WBY - CX7BY - CX7CC - FY5FU - L52DX - L99D - LU2FLN - LU3VED - LU5BB- LU5GPL - LU7AWY - LU7DIR - LU7HHE - LU8HWD - LR7E - LT5V - LW8EXF - PP2JT - PP2KR - PP6CW - PY4FQ - PY4WAS - PY3AU - PY3MT - PY3GAD - PY3CAL - XQ3ZW
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