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DOS/WIN TR/Writelog 1 Computer

Joseph Clements (W5BAK) on February 3, 2002
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1 Computer running DOS/Windows TR/Writelog

Ok here's the deal. You want to be up on the latest Ham software but don't want to give up your DOS programs. Well here is the way I solved this problem.

First you need to understand that I did this without spending any money on software and that was the goal for my Tight Wad friend Madison. So with that said, I am sure there are MANY other ways. So try them if you like but this will work! Please don't send me a ton of mail that your cousin the computer expert has a better way. I have a better way too but we won't go into that now!

Things I had already:

  1. 3 GB Hard Disk - Yep small but in the scrap pile.

  2. Windows 98 Installation CD. License is up to you!

  3. MS-DOS 6.2 - Would rather have had 6.22 but scrap pile rules.

Things I didn't have that I downloaded from the net:

  1. Ranish Partition Manager

  1. If you don't have MS-DOS x.x you can use FreeDos

  1. If you want a pretty GUI XOLS Go ahead and get this now.

Ok here are some beginning details. I started with a clean, un-partitioned HDD. This means DON'T DO THIS ON YOUR WORKSTATION WITHOUT A TOTAL BACKUP! AGAIN, DON'T DO THIS ON YOUR PRIMARY!

There are programs out that will re-size your current HDD with Windows9X/ME so you may have luck with them. That is not covered here but the same logic applies if the re-size software works. Just be sure not to change anything with the guide below on your existing partitions that you want to keep.

Although all the options are on the screen, it is a little confusing so go slow.

The concept is that you will set up a partition for each OS you want. You will also need to set up a small (100MB) partition for the Partition Manager to reside.

I was using a 3.2 GB HDD so I set up a:

200 MB Partition for the Manager

  1. GB Partition for DOS x.x

  2. GB Partition for Windows 9x

Your mileage may vary!

OK here we go!

Make a DOS boot floppy, any OS is fine.

Make a floppy of the Ranish Partition Manager.

Make a floppy of the XOLS if you are going to be using the GUI.

Step 1) Boot the PC with the DOS floppy.

Step 2) Exchange floppies with the Ranish Partition Manager.

Step 3) From the A: prompt type cwsdpmi

Step 4) Type PART

This will load the Partition Manager.

You should get the blue screen with the partition information.

They are numbered 0, 1 ,2 -x for the partitions.

On my machine:

0 is the MBR (Master Boot Record)

1 is for the manager

2 is for DOS x.x

3 is for Windows 9x

The rest are not used but could be for any OS you like. Just based on your HDD size and OS requirements.

So if there is anything in 1-x delete the partition. WARNING, DON'T DELETE ANY PARTION THAT HAS DATA YOU WANT TO KEEP ON IT!

Select the 1st partition and either hit Enter to start the wizard or insert, Ins to do it manually.

Select the type as Boot Manager 0xf0.

Set the size, this is in KB so multiply your MB times 100,000 to get close. In my case, 2MB x 100, 000 = 200, 000KB.

Be sure to save your changes after each modification.

You may format it now or later. If you do it later, your OS installation will format it for you. I chose to format it now without error checking.

This will conclude the setup for the Partition Manager's partition.

Now on with the others in the same manner. Just select Fat-16 for DOS and Fat-32 for Windows. If you use the INS method, it will give you more choices

so that you can use Linux or NT.

When you have finished all the partition, go back to the partition (in my case 2 ) that you are going to use for DOS. Toggle the Boot Flag B on for this partition. It is easier when you have the default set to the partition you are setting up.

If you get a weird line that has ..... after it, this is waiting on you to make a choice on the partition, so hit 1 for the 1st , 2 for the 2nd and so on.

Re-boot your machine and install DOS. It may or may not format the partition based on your above choices.

After you have DOS up and running, create a sub-directory called PART and copy the Partition manager to this directory. You can run the Manager by issuing the commands the same as during the install.

Start Partition Manager and make the Windows 9.x partition the default boot partition by flagging it with the B boot selection.

Now install Windows on the Windows Partition.

After you have done all of this, you can set up the menu so that you get a nice guide at the boot. You may use the Text Menu with the partition manager or as I chose for a better GUI, the XOSL

For the Partition Manager menu,

Highlight the MBR partition and hit the Enter key. This will take you to the lower half of the screen and allow you to select the boot options. This is where you can select the Standard IPL or the Boot Manager. Select the Boot manager for User Interface at the boot.


Copy the floppy made above with the XOSL program into a DOS sub-directory named XOSL. Of course, you will have to create the sub-directory. There is an install program named install.exe so just type install and hit enter. This will guide you through the setup and allow you to name the partitions and set up the defaults.

One nice thing about this is that if you boot into the Windows partition, you will be able to see the DOS partition. It will appear as a drive letter greater than C. You will be able to take programs from the web or CD-ROM and copy them to the DOS partition without DOS having direct access to these sources. Just remember, don't install anything from the Windows side to the DOS side as it will install to some drive other than C and when you boot DOS, it will be on your C drive. Just copy the program over from the Windows side, re-boot into DOS and install it there.

Have fun and long live TR and WriteLog!

by W5BAK, Joey Clements, Team Cramp Contest Crew,

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DOS/WIN TR/Writelog 1 Computer Reply
by K5ZD on February 10, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
This seems like doing it the hard way.

Why not just set up a computer for Win98 and then
boot into DOS when you want to run TRlog? Seems
to work fine here.

Or am I missing something?
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