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January 2002 VHF CONTEST ** N2PA**

from By, Steve Raas N2JDQ 222 op. @ N2PA on January 14, 2002
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Durring the 2002 jan. vhf contest the " mountian group " N2PA will be qrv 6m - light with 10 gig and up on site. We encourage skeds on the lower bands to try and take advantage of meteor scatter ect... Here is the generals of what we will have... 6m @ 1500 w ( 2 ) 5 ele yagis 2m @ 1500 w ( 2 ) 12 ele yagis 222 @ 600+w ( 2 ) 16 ele yagis 432 @ 800+w ( 2 ) 22 ele yagis

903 & 1296 abt 100w per band with loopers 2,3,5 gig dish varying power

10 gig and above (on site) ALL ANTENNAS ARE ON TALL TOWERS!

Our exact location is FN12HN, at an elevation around 2200' , we will be qrv the entire contest and look foward to working as many of you as possible.

As far as skeds go, we are looking to make them now! ALL SKED REQUESTS OR INQUIRIES MUST BE DIRECTED TO N2JQR, he is our 6m op, and handles all sked requests. His email is as follows

Please when asking for a sked time, please include your CALL, GRIDS ( exact if possible ie. fn13ee ), BANDS OF OPERATION, TIME AVAIL FOR SKED. For ROVERS, please include your rover call, your proposed skeduall ( where u will be and when, with exact grids when possible ie.fn13ee, this is a necessity when working microwaves!!! ) what bands you have, and proposed sked w us time.

I encourage every one to find out your exact grid square! This is a 6 digit grid locator ie. fn13ee, when working low power stations on all bands , or even high power stations on the microwaves, without this it makes things much much more difficult,sometiomes impossible, resulting in lost time, lost q's, and a lower score.

We more than likely will be available for any on the air testing the thursday evening ( after 8 pm )before the contest , to do final prep for our stuff....if you would like to test out your gear or just say hello, please look for us and feel free to do so, this is a great time to do final " power up's " and make sure your 1296 stuff ( or any other band ) is operational before the contest.

Also,one last tid bit, this may seem a bit old school to some, and a bit odd to others, but do also please remember that if we do get some auroral propagation, that 6 and 2 meters arent the only bands possibly affected by this wonderful phenomina! I have personally worked ( durring contests ) many many stations on 222 and 432 aurora!!! remember that new q's on 6m aurora is very nice!, but new grids on 222 au is even nicer!

Thank you for your time in reading this, I personally hope aLL OF YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME THIS WEEKEND, and we look foward to hearing you on the bands before , durring and after the contest!

I'de also like to thank ALL OF THE ROVER STATIONS, for your relentless efforts , in keeping portable stations moving down the road, with out you rovers, scores would be drastically down!

Thanx again N2JDQ Steve Raas 222 op. @ N2PA qrv 6m - 5gig 10 gig and above on site

73 good luck!


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