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Press Release: DXKEY - CW KEYER by IK5XCT

Stefano Macerini Papini (ik5xct) on May 30, 2001
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Stefano Macerini Papini, IK5XCT, Via Sarzanese Valdera,64/M - 56030 Cascine di Buti (PI) ITALY

0x08 graphic


The DXKEY is a Microprocessor of the Family Microchip PIC (Dip 8 Plastic Pakage), programmed to his inside, to be able to develop the functions of a powerful person and versatile KEYER for to be a normal Keyer has been optimized for being used in the DX, facing the stress of the PILE-UP or of the CONTEST, automatizing all the repetitive procedures as the gust transmission, in call or in answer, of the proper Call, of the Progressive one or of the Special Suffix.

This CHIP can also result useful to the DXer QRP or EME that you can program him a call CQ repeating it in the time to liking, with once programmable Caling / Caling; in the time that passes between a call and the other one it is possible to listen if there are some answers without the initiated trial is interrupted.



Regulation of the Speed through Potenziometer in any moment (without be programmed)

JAMBIC programmable A or B (with compensation)

Weighting Line/Point programmable 3:1 / 4:1

Mode Available BEACON, with DELAY among the Messages programmable from 5 second to about 1 minute to the speed of 20 WPMs

Memory for 4 Independent programmable Messages of ability up to 200 characters every (excluded spaces) the DXKEY-MACRO language using

Possibility to activate a COUNTER from 0000 to 9999 to use in the CONTEST, to introduce inside its own messages; this counter can be Incremental or Repetitive es. we can have one answer-contest assembled of the following way UR 599 (Counter-incremental) DE IK5XCT; every time that we will send in execution the message we will hear a Progressive that will increase of an unity. Nobody forbids to us to program another message (one of the 4) with a sentence of the type UR 599 (Counter-repetitive) DE IK5XCT; every time that we will send in execution the message we will hear that the same progressive number will be transmitted. This formality is useful to repeat a progressive that the correspondent has not listened well.

0x08 graphic

Possibility to activate a TOGGLE-SPEED that makes to lower the speed of 30% message exit to increase the comprehensibility toward Your correspondent (even DX, in a PILE-UP), this parameter can be introduced inside own messages; we can for example have an answer assembled in the following way: UR 599 DE IK5XCT (TOGGLE-SPEED) IK5XCT (TOGGLE-SPEED) 73 TU; in this message to the according to IK5XCT will be listened slower than 30% in comparison to the speed normally planned.

Possibility to vary in any moment the proper CALL in comparison to that writing inside the CHIP, during the initial creation.

Possibility to activate a Fixed Tone for the tuning of the transceiver.

Possibility to Restore the initial conditions of the CHIP, for this operation the DXKEY will ask to you a Password (written in this Data Sheet)

Possibility to Build, through the scheme electric enclosure to this Date Scheet, a KEYER that preserves all of Your Memories for well one Month.

0x08 graphic

Possibility to listen to ID of the CHIP or the proper identificative with the version of the Software Inserted to Your Inside..


The DXKEY, to the Turn ON, it is predisposed as a normal KEYER with the following parameters: JAMBIC B (with compensation), Weighting 3:1 (Line/Point)


Inside the DXKEY 4 Messages can be memorized (up to 200 characters every excluded spaces) through a Macro-language.

The 4 Messages are transmitted with a combination among the Paddle (DIT e DAH) of KEYER and two Buttons that we will call BT1 and BT2 (on Special KEY), the simultaneous use between Keyer and Functional Keys, ago so that the messages is integral part of the manipulation that results to be precise and natural.


The messages are built through the use of macro-component. The macrocomponents are of 4 types:

1) CALL (1 Field), It can be personalized with 12 Characters (Letters, Numbers, Symbols)

2) Abbreviation/Radioamatorial Sentence presetted (26) of common use(AR K, BK, DE, PSE, INFO, QRP, 5NN, QSL, K, CQ, TEST, UR, VIA, BURO, DX, TU, 73, MY NAME IS, MY QTH IS, MY RIG IS, MY ANT IS, MY PWR IS, TNX FER NICE QSO HPE CUAGN, QSL IS SURE VIA, 73 TO U AND FAMILY GB GDX, CQ CQ)

3) OPTIONS (5 Fields) for a total of 50 characters (Letters, Numbers, Symbols) to use to completion of the presetted Sentences

4) Component Functional (3) type:

- Incremental numerical counter for the contests that puo' to transmit in from 000 to 9999,

- Numerical counter that doesn't increase, repeats the last transmitted

- 30% speed reduction gear, to increase the comprehensibility

Everyone of these Macro-components can be recalled through an identifiable code through Letter from A to Z or a number that it is from 0 to 9 (to see chart in the manual)

Every Message have the ability to fill 12 Macro-cells with 12 Macro-components (ES. to transmit the message UR 599 DE IK5XCT You, will have to fill the Macros Celle with the following Codes of Call: U H D C Y) it won't care to insert a space after the Code of Call, the DXKEY it automatically adds her. You can be composed this way Messages of any type.

The manual, the program examples, the project of the Card DXKEY with Battery to memorize for a long time the messages (Electric Scheme, PCB and Components) you can be consulted to Internet Address

or to send an E-mail to Stefano ik5xct @ or dxkey @

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