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BCC-PED-CW Offline CW Contest!

from Toby Wellnitz DH1TW on April 25, 2001
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Recently the BCC (Bavarian Contest Club) started a special contest...

It's an "offline" CW contest using the PED-Software by JE3MAS.

Everyone is allowed to practice as much as he wants. Whenever one has reached a new high score he can send his score in. There is a "nearly daily" updated high score list available.

For more information, including links to download the PED software, go to:

BCC-PED CW Contest Details

Member Comments: Add A Comment
BCC-PED-CW Offline CW Contest! Reply
by oe5oho on April 25, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
If you want to get familiar with CT (by K1EA) _or_ if you want to practise working pile-ups _or_ if you want to improve your CW-skills _or_ if you just want to HAVE FUN - go to the BCC-webpage at and be part of the game! vy 55 de Oliver.
BCC-PED-CW Offline CW Contest! Reply
by LW9EUJ on April 25, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I hope many of you join this contest. It's fun.
You can send your score every time you increase it!!
BCC-PED-CW Offline CW Contest! Reply
by np4z on April 28, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
OK whats the catch? how do you achieve 100 qsos in
10 minutes? I made an honest 58 qso perfect copy at
aprox 45-50wpm in ten minutes ,unless you know a trick
making 100 qsos in 10 min is impossible...

RE: NP4Z Reply
by oe5oho on May 4, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Well Felipe... I guess these guys are really _into_ highspeedcw - I don´t hope that someone´s using a trick to achieve these results. Most of the hams in the high-score-list are honest, wellknown (not to say ´famous´) contesters. Your honest 58 QSO are a great number - that means you could -in theorie-
achieve a rate of nearly 350 Q/h - a very good rate - indeed! And I personally know some highspeed freaks - they CAN do it! And it takes A LOT of practise!!! But - there´s one more thing to look at: this BCC PED Contest is just to practise. In a real contest you probably will achieve the same result as someone who´s able to pick up more calls than you in the simulation on the computer. Of course the best - the
socalled cream of the crop - contesters will beat you also in real on-the-air contests. But why bother?! That´s life - there is someone who´s superior and on the other side someone who´s inferior as you are, at least most of the time ;-) unless you are a superstar, hi. So come on Felipe and send us your score on the PED simulation. Don´t be shy - there is _no_ reason to go humble! Just my few cent - vy 73 de Oliver. PS: and rates done in 10 minutes doesn´t necessarily mean you can achieve the same rate for 48hrs, hi.
100 QSO's in 10 minutes Reply
by DJ1YFK on May 6, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
well, there is no trick at all. just turn up the speed to 80wpm and work'em all. honestly, it takes some practice to achieve 100 QSO's or more, I am practicing RUFZ (DL4MM's QRQ-prog) since 1998 every day at least once or twice and can copy something like 120 wpm now...
RE: BCC-PED-CW Offline CW Contest! Reply
by LW9EUJ on May 6, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Hello Felipe:

I'm here. You just got to buy me a ticket to NP4Z and I'd love to use PED at 82 WPM right in front of you.
Only 20' mins a day will take you to these speed levels.
Altough it is really fun going so fast. It is not practical for contesting. I mean, during on the air contest, the maximum useful speed must be arround the 40 WPM level.
Best regards.

Martin, LW9EUJ
RE: BCC-PED-CW Offline CW Contest! Reply
by w2up on May 8, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Yesterday, I had a PED run with 110 QSOs, at 60 WPM. It was just about perfect, missing only a couple of calls the first time (some of those JAs are tough!) So it is possible!
My biggest problem is having the kids come into the shack in the middle of a run :.)
73 Barry W2UP
RE: BCC-PED-CW Offline CW Contest! Reply
by LW9EUJ on May 22, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Now you reached 118 Qs/10 Mins.
What was the speed (wpm) to achieve this mark?
Must have been arround 70 I guess.
Martin, LW9EUJ
RE: BCC-PED-CW Offline CW Contest! Reply
by w2up on May 23, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Martin,
I believe it was 64 WPM. I find I do better when I slow down a little and copy more calls correctly the first time they are sent, than wasting time getting repeats and confirmations.
73 Barry
PED function revealed! Reply
by oe5oho on May 28, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
And there is one more - maybe funny - feature. If you didn´t copy the callsign after you already sent 599 to a fraction of a callsign (meaning you already sent e.g ´OE5 599´ and thus the caller knows he is in QSO with you!) - hit Enter, as if you logged the contact with an obvious wrong callsign, type QRS instead of a callsign and send QRS (using F5) to the station trying to get you copy his call the correct way! The station slows down a bit and will enable you to finish the QSO. Now you just have to be quick, jump up one line and correct the call, confirm the call and wipe the QRS on the next line to copy the next call correctly. Of course this takes time... But maybe you just want to try this ;-) Hope you´ll share your experiences with BCC PED too! Vy 73 de Oliver...
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