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from Bob Chandler, VE3SRE on December 29, 2000
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Due to a scheduling conflict with a major Ontario hamfest, the Ontario QSO Party will be shifting from the last weekend of April to the 3rd full weekend of April starting in 2001.

The Fifth Annual Ontario QSO Party will take place on the weekend of April 21-22, 2001 starting at 1800 UTC on the Saturday to 1800 UTC on the Sunday.

Watch the website for further updates at

You can also join the ODXA reflector by sending a "blank" e-mail to

Member Comments: Add A Comment
by K8CC on December 29, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
The new weekend of the Ontario QSO Party is in direct conflict with the Michigan QSO Party which has been on this weekend for two years. The contest sponsors have tried to make the event well known, announcing in QST, CQ and WorldRadio, in addition to the major on-line contest calendars.

While it is true that it can be difficult to find a weekend to hold a regional operating event, moving to the weekend of an existing event being held by a neighboring area is ill-advised. Participants will be sharing the same radio propagation and since the exchanges are not the same, conflict and confusion will occur.

As contest manager for the Michigan QSO Party, I trust that the Ontario QSO Party sponsors will reconsider this move and search for an alternative.

Dave Pruett, K8CC
Manager - Michigan QSO Party
by va3pc on January 16, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I see by the calendar that the VT and NH QSO parties and the LA and TX QSO parties overlap. Can we hear comments from those areas if the type of problems that K8CC envisions do occur?
Last year in the Ontario QSO party (my first attempt) I did make contact with several Michigan stations - and to be honest things were not too busy (at least from my area of the province...hi). Maybe if the contests are on at the same time more contacts can happen. Perhaps bonus points for getting the correct county/district of the other contest??
by ve3sre on February 20, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I have responded to K8CC's concerns personally but was unaware that his comments were posted on this forum so thought I'd post a public response.

In any case on the Ontario QSO Party's "old" weekend we shared it with the Florida & Nebraska QSO Parties,
the Swiss Contest, QRP to the Field and who knows what else. Its very common for regional contests to share weekends.

I think on the contrary that most of our Michigan ham friends will enjoy having the opportunity to increase their "Q" totals because of the large number of Ontario stations that will be on the air...just as Ontario ops will welcome all of the extra Michigan "Q's".

We've added a link on the Ontario QSO Party website to the Michigan QSO Party site. I've also posted info on the Ontario QSO Party reflector to make our folks aware of the Michigan QSO Party and the slight differences in exchanges....and I'll be posting a couple more times just to remind folks before contest weekend.

Already, two months prior to the contest we're very close to filling all 48 multipliers with activity and there are also a number of multi-county mobiles in the works.

So my best wishes for successful Michigan and Ontario QSO Parties!

Bob Chandler VE3SRE
Contest Manager
Ontario QSO Party
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