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10m ARRL contest

paul walsh (g3pjv) on December 1, 2000
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I am going to be opperating in the 10 meter ARRL contest this year my setup includes (so far) a icom ic720a 100w, a cushcraft R7000 at 30ft and a 3 ele monobander. Does any one know of any more antennas i could build which will work well for the contest? I will be opperating as G3PJV/P, i am only 15 years old and a keen contester on 2 meters, the first contest i entered i managed to win as a novice. Now after gaining my class A licence i want to try H.F contesting although i realize the competition will be much greater. I am not sure what mode to opperate (CW or SSB) although i much prefare the SSB, but after looking at the points 2= ssb contact and 4=cw contact it would probably make sence to opperate both modes although im not sure. Hope to see you all in the contest, 73's Paul

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10m ARRL contest Reply
by W4ZV on December 2, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Paul!

Your antennas are a good combination since you have the Yagi with directivity/gain for your main antenna and the omnidirectional vertical which can be useful for quickly replying to stations to the side of your Yagi. You can actually have too many antennas if they are not separated sufficiently since they can interact...however the horizontally polarized Yagi and vertically polarized R-7 are a good combination.

If you choose to operate mixed, you should roughly equalize the time you spend on each mode to optimize your will probably work stations twice as fast on SSB but they count half as much so splitting your TIME on both modes equally is often a good strategy. A contest is a great way to practice your CW and your 100 watts will be heard more easily on CW.

Good luck and see you next weekend!

73, Bill W4ZV
10m ARRL contest Reply
by N6DW on December 5, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Only want to add one thing. Do your best to find a clear spot & call cq. If you can keep a steady "rate" of callers. That's where you'll get your best score.
10m ARRL contest Reply
by VE3HG on December 6, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Paul,

I agree with other comments on your antennas. You may wish to consider going QRP. If conditions are good, 5 watts is all you'll need and it is likely to put you in an easier category to win. I'm going QRP and if conditions aren't good I'll boost the power to 100 watts and change my category in my logging program. Good luck. 73 - Peter
RE: 10m ARRL contest Reply
by N2MG on December 7, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Paul, I think it's great that you want to jump into HF contesting. The ideas previously mentioned are all good. I suppose if you "must" win, you should look for a category where you'd be the most competitive or, said differently, simply have the weakest competition. :)

Personally, however, I'd recommend that you place the emphasis on having fun and learning. These two are what keeps most folks contesting over the long haul. Operating QRP will be far more frustrating than operating with power; ten meters will probably not be as good as it is now for another ten years, so you might want to crank up the power to work as much DX as possible.

On the other hand, ten meters during sunspot maxima can be good to QRPers, and low power operating teaches you both technique and patience - good "virtues".

Also, by all means, operate CW. Contests are an excellent way of building code speed.

73 Mike
10m ARRL contest Reply
by gm4aff on December 12, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Paul,
I know the contest is over, and I hope you are happy with your effort. I just want to say that it is refreshing to see someone of your age getting involved in contests (HF or otherwise). Good luck, and I hope to work you some time!
Stewart GM4AFF/GM0F etc.
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