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WRTC 2014 Team Selection Critera Released

from WRTC 2014 Organizing Committee
Website: on October 5, 2010
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The WRTC 2014 Organizing committee is pleased to announce the release of the Team Selection Criteria for the World Radiosport Team Championship 2014. A committee led by three time WRTC champion, Dan Street, K1TO, worked very hard to make the selection process fair for all parts of the world.

There will be 50 Team Leaders selected through qualifying events between October 2010 and March 2013. A Youth Team will also be selected from the applicants under age 25.

The number of qualifying events varies based on selection area: W/VE/KP2/KP4 = 49; other North America = 43; Pacific ARRL Section = 38; other Oceania = 32; Europe = 30; All others = 28.

The total of the 12 best event scores will be used for qualifying.

Other changes and highlights include:

  • New qualifying contests are All Asian DX, NAQP, and Oceania DX.
  • The category weighting for several categories has been increased. Single operator Low Power is 0.9 (up from 0.7). Multi-single is 1.0 (up from 0.9).
  • Single band scores will count for qualifying points.
  • The selection areas have been adjusted based on level of contest participation in major contests over the past two years. The selection areas from Europe and Asia have been changed based on input received from those areas.
  • In areas of the world with lower participation and large geographies, we have introduced split score comparison areas. For example, there will be only 1 Africa team, but the score comparisons are done on Africa North/West vs. Africa South/East.

The defending champions of RW1AC/RA1AIP will receive the only automatic place in WRTC 2014. The organizing committee has reserved several wild card slots to allow invitations to exceptional qualifiers who did not otherwise earn a place through the qualifying process.

View the Team Selection Criteria at


WRTC 2014 Organizing Committee

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WRTC 2014 Team Selection Critera Released Reply
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