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Running of the QRP Bulls-mini SS contest

Jim Stafford (W4QO) on September 26, 2000
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Running of the QRP Bulls Mini-contest - November 4/5, 2000

QRP Amateur Radio Club International (QRP ARCI) is pleased to announce a "mini contest" coincident with the ARRL CW Sweepstakes. It is called the "Running of the QRP Bulls". The goals of the contest are to: 

1. Encourage more participation in the QRP category of the CW SS - November 4/5, 2000. We are trying to encourage more QRP entries than B entries (high power). It's not at all impossible - there were 203 B category entries last year and 119 Q category entries. If you get on to make even one QRP contact, submit a log to ARRL.   Note: This is not an anti-high power movement. If in the process, there are now 300 entries in the B category; well, more fun was had by all!

2. To provide more opportunity to do WAS QRP and 2x QRP. To do this, we need more QRP category entrants calling CQ.   You'll be amazed at how many answers you get!

3. Encourage more QRP stations to "borrow" a contest-type station for the weekend. There are many phone operators who would gladly "loan" their station to a QRPer for the CW weekend. We want to encourage anyone who has a "big" antenna system to definitely get on during the weekend. This will give more folks opportunity to work 2x QRP.  

4. Encourage QRP stations to operate longer during the weekend. We have a plan for this.  

Here it is:  We would like to identify what we call the QRP Bulls. Now you don't have to be a "big antenna" type station to be a Bull.   You only have to activate your ARRL section and plan to operate something like 15 hours during the contest. This is what makes you a Bull - willing to operate for an extended period. We will keep a list of all Bulls by section and our goal is to activate at least one Bull in each section. All those who are not Bulls will be Matadors! If you can only operate for a short period of time, enter the Matador category. Get on and make at least one contact during the weekend and, here's the requirement to enter either category, you must have sent in your entry to ARRL! 

Prizes: QRP ARCI will provide a plaque to the top Bull, based on number of QRP to QRP (Q) contacts you make. Remember: to make QRP contacts as a Bull, you will need to call CQ! We will also provide a plaque to the top Matador, based on working the most Bulls during the contest. An ARRL Handbook will also be given to each winner! If you would like to be a Bull, send your call, name, and ARRL section to: Randy Foltz, by November 1. Randy will publish on a web page -, a full list of Bulls so we can see which ARRL sections need to be filled. After the contest, FIRST, send in your contest entry to ARRL and then send Randy your report and soapbox. There will be an online page to do this but you may also send via snail mail.

Remember Bulls - your score is number of Q stations worked. Matadors - the number of Bulls worked. So sign up now to be in the Running of the QRP Bulls. Even if you're don't normally operate QRP, why not turn down your power to 5 watts and become a QRP Bull and be a part of this fun contest.  

Member Comments: Add A Comment
Running of the QRP Bulls Reply
by KA3LOC on September 29, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
This one looks like it could be interesting. I normally just hand out contacts from the semi-rare state of Kansas, and have not sent in a log in years. But this sounds like it could be fun. Though I've had better luck calling CQ towards the end of the contest, after all the big guns have been worked. Best 73 es God Bless. Ric KA3LOC/0/QRP
RE: Running of the QRP Bulls Reply
by W4QO on October 2, 2000 Mail this to a friend!

Saw your post about the QRP activity. Pls go to the site on the link highlighted in the post and sign up for KS. I don't care that you might not operate 15 hours or call CQ all that much. WE JUST NEED A KS station to sign up.


Jim = president of QRP ARCI

ps we'd like to have you renew your membership in the club. It's changed a lot since you were a member in 1993: You can pay via paypal too, now. It's all there.

THanks for your consideration.
Try It! Reply
by K3AN on October 4, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
I have operated the CW Sweepstakes at 5 Watts output several times now. Last year my antenna consisted of a 75 foot wire that ran up the back wall and over the roof of my rented townhouse, working against just one ground rod. I made plenty of contacts, even snagging the Yukon and Pacific sections from Maryland.

Three weeks later I tried QRP in the Phone SS and gave up in frustration after about an hour.

But QRP CW really works, especially in a "domestic" contest. If you've never tried QRP contesting, give the CW SS a try.
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