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2010 WWSA Update

Alberto U. SILVA (LU1DZ) on June 7, 2010
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World Wide South America

WWSA 2010 Update

On Saturday June 12th from 1500Z until Sunday 13th at 1500Z, we will have our CW international party on the HF bands, it is the World Wide South America CW Contest where the South Americans played during that 24 hours the role of the 'stars'.

That day the Football World Cup in South Africa will be running and Argentina will play its first match against Nigeria on Saturday 12th at 1400Z but later there will be other games Greece Vs England and Korea Vs USA.

We have been discussing, a little joke and a little serious about the difficulty mean this game schedule, some argue that the band will be empty of argentines and others that very few of them will give importance to football and they will be mostly QRV in the bands.

Anyway this will be a real challenge for us as a WWSA organizer country, so we're spreading to the LU stations to be prepared to have a TV nearby shack for the contest and watch time to time the second half time, hi hi.

In another way Guillermo LW1EXU has already made the address registration of the new blog will have as soon as possible exclusively dedicated for WWSA, for now you can only see a text sign. The address is and we hope to begin to build the entire history of our WWSA with results, photos, and everything that may be of interest to Contesters.

Esteban LW1DTZ has also worked extensively for the development and improvement of software control tools and his progress is very interesting, but I´m not sure that we can count on them for the occasion. We'll see how follow the progress of our 'Official Developer'.

Among our progress I would say that if you visit the page and click the WWSA CW Contest item menu, will see that the rules are now available in six languages, Castilian, English, German , Romanian, Portuguese and French. The number (Hits) that appears to the right of each topic is the number of times this page has been accessed.

The site for WD8KNC ALL in ONE software that includes WWSA computations of points and multipliers while you are running the contest has been redirected to the new temporary accommodation:

The GACW web site administrator Gabriel LU3DAT made some changes to show a a clock counting the remaining time for the WWSA starting.

That's it for today folks.
Best regards
Alberto LU1DZ



12th/13th JUNE 2010 - 15.00 UTC saturday till 15.00 UTC sunday – 24 hours period.

II - Objective:

For amateurs around the world to contact other amateurs in as many CQ zones and radio countries as possible in A1A mode (CW). (WORLD WIDE CONTEST - everybody-works-everybody ) - A station can be contacted once per band only.

III - Bands

All bands, 3,5 through 28, no WARC/160m bands.

IV - Categories:

Single Operator Categories

Single band or all band; only one signal allowed at any time; the operator can change bands at any time.

Single Operator High 
Those stations at which one person performs all of the operating, logging, and spotting functions. The use of DX alerting assistance of any kind places the station Multi Operator category.

Single Operator Low  
The output power shall not exceed 100 watts. 

Single Operator QRP  
The power output must not exceed 5 watts. 

Multi-Operator Categories

All band operation only.

Single Transmitter
Only one transmitter and one band permitted during any 10 minute period defined as starting with the first logged QSO on a band. Exception: One-and only one-other band may be used during any 10 minute period if-and only if the station worked is a new multiplier. Logs found in violation of the ten- minute rule will be automatically reclassified as multi-multi.

No limit to transmitters but only one signal and running station allowed per band.

V - Number exchange:

RST report plus CQ zone.

VI - Multiplier:

Two types of multiplier will be used.

1. A multiplier of one (1) for each different zone contacted on each band.

2. A multipier of one (1) for each different country contacted on each band. Stations are permitted to contact their own country and zone for multiplier credit. The CQ WAZ definitions, DXCC and the GACW country list, WAE country list, and WAC boundaries are standards. Maritime mobile stations will count only for a zone multiplier.

VII - Points:

1. Contacts between stations on different continents are worth three (3) points.

2. Contacts between stations on the same continent but different countries, one (1) point.

3. Contacts between stations in the same country are permitted for zone or country multiplier credit but have zero (0) point value.

4. Contacts with South American stations = 5 pts. (Only for non SA)

VIII - Scoring:

All stations: The final score is the result of the total QSO points multiplied by the sum of your zone and country multiplier. Example: 100 QSO points x 100 multiplier (20 Zones + 80 Countries) = 10,000 (final score).

IX-  Awards:

Electronic award will be send to Category Winners.

X -  Club competition:

1. The club can be a local or national group/club. (except IARU member Societies).

2. There is no country or geographic area limit.

3. Mention your Club/Group partitipation in your summary sheet.

XI - Log instructions:

1. All date/times must be in UTC.

2. All sent and received exchanges are to be logged.

3. Indicate zone and country multiplier only the FIRST TIME it is worked on each band.

4. Logs must be checked for duplicated contacts, correct QSO points and multipliers. Submitted logs must have duplicate contacts clearly shown.

5. Internet: Please send us LOG and SUMMARY sheet via Internet: The CABRILLO format we want is your CALL.LOG and CALL.SUM files. Please name the appropriate file as: your call.extension.

6. List all QSOs cronologically - Do not use a separate sheet for each band.

7. Each entry must be accompanied by a summary sheet showing all scoring information, category of competition, contestant's name and address and a signed declaration that all contest rules and regulations for amateur radio in the country of operation have been observed.

8. All entrants are required to submit cross-check sheets (an alphabetical list of calls worked) for each band (Except those who send electronic logs).

9. QRP and low power stations must indicate same on their summary sheets and state the actual maximum power output used, with a signed declaration.

NOTE: We will acept any paper log form to send via post mail.

XII - Software:

+ EI5DI Super Duper - Free Download from

+ WD8KNC ALL in ONE. Free download from

+ AA LOG Test module for contest. Free Download from AA LOG web site.

+ CW TYPE - The terminal program for CW-operators. Its user can transmit both from the keyboard and from a paddle connected to a gameport or LPT port. Free download

+ N1MM Logger since version 5 - Free download from

+ Wincontest - Software Italiano - Free download from

+ Freeware GEN LOG by W3KM - Logs 260 HF and VHF contests and was satisfactory tested:

+ VE6YP - YP LOG -


+ F5MZN - Win Test

XIII - Disqualification:

Violation of amateur radio regulations in the country of the contestant, or the rules of the contest; unsportsmanlike conduct; taking credit for excessive duplicate contacts; unverifiable QSOs; or unverifiable multipliers will be deemed sufficient cause for disqualification.

The use of non-amateur means such as telephones, emails, telegrams, spots, DX-Cluster, DX-Net, Packet Radio Cluster, etc., to ilicit contacts or multipliers during a contest is unsportsmanlike and the entry is subject to disqualification.

Actions and decisions of the GACW Contest Committee are official and final.

XIV -  Deadline:

1. All entries must be postmarked NO LATER than July 30th.

XV - GACW Address:
P.O. Box 9
B1875ZAA Wilde
Buenos Aires

email to Alberto U. SILVA LU1DZ - - PSE copy to Guillermo Vahnovan LW1EXU

Web Site

WWSA Yahoo group -

Member Comments: Add A Comment
2010 WWSA Update Reply
by LU1DZ on June 18, 2010 Mail this to a friend!
The GACW want to thanks you for your WWSA Contest support.

The bad CONDX wasn´t an obstacle to enjoy this Only CW Competition.

The daily updated list of 2010 WWSA Contest logs is in the front page of GACW web site

Check the update date and time.

PSE send us your picture for the WWSA Gallery.

Many thanks for your support.

Muchos saludos
Best regards
Alberto U. Silva LU1DZ
WWSA Contest Manager
RE: 2010 WWSA Update Reply
by LU1DZ on January 17, 2011 Mail this to a friend!
Visite the NEW WWSA CW CONTEST Web Site

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