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98th Anniversary of the Titanic Disaster

Richard Vogt (kb9yze) on April 3, 2010
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98th Anniversary of the Titanic Disaster! Special event W0S From 8am Saturday April 10th until 5pm Sunday April 11, the call sign WS will be operating from the steps of the Titanic Museum in beautiful downtown Branson Missouri. This event will commemorate the heroic efforts of Harold McBride and John Jack Phillips as they sat at the Marconi radio in the Titanic sending the first ever SOS. Jack perished while continuing to send the SOS. Harold was rescued and went on to operate the radio on the ship Carpathia until it reached dock. Thanks to their efforts, 706 people were rescued from the Titanic when that mighty ship sank.

Many ham radio operators will come together for this event to commemorate their predecessors. Most contacts will be via phone, but there will be several amateurs operating with CW as they participate in this historic event. Please join us on the air on the following frequencies: 3950, 7250, 14250 and others that will be posted on the usual contest websites the day of the event.

QSL Cards will be provided:

Step One:

You MUST provide reasonably accurate log data in order to confirm the QSO and get a QSL. No exceptions.

Step Two:

Fill out the QSO information completely; Callsign, Date, UTC time, Band or Frequency, Mode, and Report. If you worked WS multiple times for band/mode credit, feel free to list them all on one card. One QSL card or list is all that is needed. It will be easier to process and less postage for you. Does not have to be pretty, just clear and readable. Log Data is required for all QSL requests.

Step Three

DX Stations:

Please send your QSL card along with either one large style VALID IRC or $1 U.S. dollar (of course, additional contributions are welcome and encouraged to help cover the large expenses of the event). Please include a self-addressed envelope of good quality. Write your address on the envelope as if you were mailing the envelope from the United States. It is not necessary to send it registered unless you have problems with outgoing mail in your country. If you must send it registered or certified that will be OK.

USA Stations:

Please send your QSL card and a self-addressed stamped business size envelope ( SASE ) along with $1 or $2 dollars to help cover the large expenses of the event ( of course, additional contributions are welcome and encouraged ). Please use good quality business sized envelopes in order to protect your QSL card. Checks can be made out to Rod Kittleman and included with your QSL card.


Rod Kittleman

604 Cascades Drive

Nixa, MO. 65714

PLEASE NOTE: We are sensitive about mailing costs, so we suggest the following: If a group of hams or a DX club wants to send a large envelope containing multiple QSL cards who have worked the WS station and a return self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage for return, please do so. Just be sure to include all the information as describe above as if for one QSL card. This is good for DX station as well.

Step Four:

All cards will be sent from the USA. Please ensure that your address is correct and you include enough postage for First Class return.

Step Five:

Now relax and wait! Please if you are in the branson area come operate with us.. Everyone is Welcome !!! E-mail me for more details.

Member Comments: Add A Comment
98th Anniversary of the Titanic Disaster Reply
by kb9yze on April 6, 2010 Mail this to a friend!
Ham Radio operators special Ozark Regal Hotel
Green Mountain Drive in Branson very close to Titanic. Mention you are a
ham operator and that Russ "Allright" sent you, and receive a $30 room
rate. Limited time only and, just for the Ham operators. Call and book
your reservations early to insure this great rate. Regal Hotel-
more info 3010 Green Mountain Drive, Branson, MO - (417) 336-2200
98th Anniversary of the Titanic Disaster Reply
by kb9yze on April 8, 2010 Mail this to a friend!
W∅S TITANIC SPECIAL EVENT Attention all Dstar operators. You can participate in the Titanic Special Event too! Just search for the W0OMD gateway.
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