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2m qrp spring qso party 2010

George Orfanos (SV1CDY) on March 26, 2010
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2m/qrp SPRING QSO PARTY Sunday, March 21, 2010, Mount Parnes, Locator KM18UD, position Refuge Flampouri, elevation 1158 meters.

Everything happened as we planned or ... almost like that!

In the morning we were there just before nine o'clock and started the transport from cars to the point that in and it worked!

The team consisted of: SW1JGW Dimitri, SV1GRN Panagiotis, SW1OAN Anthony, SV1IZR Makis and of course i, SV1CDY George.

Dimitris and Panos had previous experience and so we started the next.

Highlight was a new antenna that had brought him Dimitri. One yagi antenna, 7 elements with a closed dipole by WIMO.

0x01 graphic

The tissue was composed of separable parts that join them when they formed a single mast length of about 7 meters and this whole system was based on a tripod that had brought him Panagiotis, which has proved salutary.

From radios had brought Panagiotis an ICOM IC-910 and a YAESU FT-817 and Antonis a YAESU FT- 897D and Makis had the notebook ICOM IC-E91 technology with D-STAR.

We visited and SV1ENV with his son.

We started test transmissions soon completed the work set-ups!

During the twelve o'clock came Apostolis SV1EDY with a "butterfly" for CW mode.

I returned to my base at 17:30 having the ham greatly enriched my experiences.

Thank you all friends for the great opportunity given me to experience this experience.

The next appointment will be ... stay tuned! 73 and cu on the air.

PS.1 I would like to thank everyone who participated in this event, but particularly the most recently licensed and simultaneously express my sadness at the absence from the frequencies of older colleagues...!

Tragic failure!

Last night as I lay down to rest for I remembered that I had written something very important! I failed to mention the provider of energy! If you did not bring Makis generator, you will probably have to go into our homes sooner. You want the other? OK. I thank him carry it, including the ... my body! With hi, hi. Finally, thank for photo galleries.

God bless and good guys always like that.

As for us, already being planned for the next trip!

Greetings de sv1cdy.

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