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Contest Writers Wanted !

Bob Naumann (N5NJ) on September 24, 2000
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Recognize the above ?

More familiar with this type of device ?

Either way, wants you !

You probably have thought of writing an article, but have resisted the urge for any number of reasons. This is your opportunity to get your work published - quickly! Typically, articles have a lead time of less than one week. Once published, articles remain permanently in the archive and are searchable and viewable on-line for all visitors. is particularly interested in operating stories, technical articles (simple or complex), human interest stories, personal stories - anything to do with ham radio contesting!

Club activities also provide an opportunity for a good article. DXpedition operations, Tower raising parties, Field Day operations, Public Relations activities, Hamfests, Swapmeets, Technical Conferences, Conventions, as well as many other activities could all be the subject of your article. can accept Word documents (.DOC), HTML and ASCII text.

You will get compensated through our "Pages that Pay" Program.

To begin uploading your article, go to the Upload Site and begin (or continue) your career as an author!

If you have any questions, email the Articles Manager .

Member Comments: Add A Comment
Contest Writers Wanted ! Reply
by Hani on October 21, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
hi there

i am a writer. below is an article posted by me. if u are looking for a writer, u can contact me at


Time flies by so fast, but not for those who lost loved ones on the infamous day of September 11 2001. It has been a year since those two planes crashed in the twin towers of USA. Everybody had different opinions and different things to say about the unfortunate incident. Some were deeply saddened and grieved for the victims while others had the ‘served-them-right’ attitude.

Millions die everyday all round the world. Palestine and Israel have been constantly at war for God knows how long and Pakistan and India have been fighting over Kashmir ever since the two countries came into existence! But did we ever in our wildest dreams imagine that something as horrendous as that would ever happen in the US? They say ‘expect the unexpected’ and that’s exactly what happened. One fine day I woke up only to find that the World Trade Centre had been crashed into and Pentagon was the other target.

Imagine the pain of a wife/child, whose husband/father went to office and never came back. These are the innocent victims who get caught in the middle of the Bush-Taliban trap. Now imagine the pain of a child who goes to bed hungry every night, the pain of being shelter less and the fear of waking up the next morning with nothing to eat and having no where to go for help, and these are the innocent victims of the ever fighting governments and dirty politics.

Be it a third world country or a first world one, whether the people are black, brown or white, it all comes down to one thing….. We are all humans and humans should be treated with respect. When will politicians learn that human lives are precious? Probably never. Instead of mumbling ‘ah, serves those terrorists right’ when you see innocent Afghani civilians being shot dead and passing a comment like ‘Americans are reaping what they have sowed’ why don’t we once and for all unite which will be a great effort towards putting an end to the numerous killings around the globe 24/7 because all Afghanis are not terrorists and all Americans are not bad.

So let us light a candle on this day for all the Americans who passed away on September 11, 2001, for all the Afghani victims of the brutal Taliban rule and the American bombings, for all the Palestinian, Israeli, Pakistani & Indian victims of the constantly occurring bloodshed, for all the African victims of starvation and fatal diseases like AIDS and last but not least for people all round the globe. May God rest their souls in eternal peace. Amen

Written by
Hina Mithani

RE: Contest Writers Wanted ! Reply
by kahsinaw on June 2, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Hani Dear,

I kind of like your article but perhaps a slight correction will be in place if we say 'all Afghan are not terrorist and all American are not terrorist either except for one'
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