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Eric Henry Fittock (vk4nef) on October 1, 2009
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Hi everyone

Another reminder that the 2009 Oceania DX SSB contest is happening next weekend, and the CW contest on the following weekend. This is a great opportunity to give your station a test drive for the new contest season and 'warm up' for the big CQ WW events later in the year.

The aim of this contest is to promote HF contacts with stations in the Oceania region. We are expecting a good turn out from VK, ZL and YB stations, as well as stations from some of the rarer South Pacific countries. Note that Oceania stations can work other Oceania and non-Oceania stations. Non-Oceania stations can only work Oceania stations.

We are pleased to announce two new plaques for the 2009 contest. Tony Hambling VK3VTH is sponsoring a plaque for the top entrant from AUSTRALIA in the PHONE Single Operator All Band category, and Wes Printz W3SE/ZL3TE is sponsoring a plaque for the highest scoring entrant from ASIA in the CW Single Operator All Band category. We are most grateful to Tony and Wes for their generous sponsorship of these plaques.

The dates and times for the contest are as follows:

PHONE: 08:00 UTC Saturday 3 October to 08:00 UTC Sunday 4 October CW: 08:00 UTC Saturday 10 October to 08:00 UTC Sunday 11 October

Bands: 160M to 10M (excluding WARC bands). Exchange: RS(T) + serial number. QSO points: 20 points per QSO on 160M; 10 points on 80M; 5 points on 40M; 1 point on 20M; 2 points on 15M; and 3 points on 10M.

Final Score: The sum of the QSO points multiplied by the number of prefixes worked (the same prefix can be counted once on each band).

Deadline: All logs must be emailed or postmarked NO LATER than 9 November 2009.

More information about the contest, including the detailed rules, is available from the Oceania DX Contest web site at

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you in the pile ups over the next two weekends!

73 Eric VK4NEF

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by VK4TI on October 2, 2009 Mail this to a friend!
Keep an ear out for the VK4KW team this weekend QRV 160 thru 10 Metres, happy to work anyone :-)

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